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Legacy Riders

Worn Out Saddles - Cotton Wick Candle

Worn Out Saddles - Cotton Wick Candle

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Worn Out Saddles
Worn Out Saddles is our tribute to those high ridin' heroes and the man that sang to us about them. Working as a saddle maker, a cotton picker, a disc jockey, and even a roaming salesman selling Bibles, vacuums, and encyclopedias before joining the ranks of Outlaw Country Music, he dreamed of being a cowboy. With Trigger on his strap, on any given day you'll still find this Outlaw on the road again.
We combined New Leather and Worn Leather to bring you Worn Out Saddles.
Scent Strength - 5/5 - Leather, True Scent, Strong
Candle Tin
Our 8 oz Candle Tins are made with 100% Soy Wax (no blends), Phthalate Free Fragrance, and finished with a Cotton Wick.


• Made in United States 
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