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The Maple Halter

The Maple Halter

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Red and white waxed thread embroidery and buffalo harness leather combine to fashion our Maple Halter. Stitched in Canada's National Colours and named after one of Canada's most famous symbols, this halter is the perfect way for 'ponies' to showcase Northern Pride. Our Maple halter features solid brass hardware, double adjustable padded crown, adjustable noseband, rolled throat latch and of course a Pup & Pony signature logo.

Approximate measurements below in inches:

Size             Crown           Cheek             Nose             Width

Cob             24-24.5          6.5-7.5            12-12.5         Just over an inch

Full/Horse   25-25.5          7.5-8               13                 Just over an inch

Warmblood 25.5-26          8.5-9              14                 Just over an inch

Our products are hand crafted, and therefore the stitching and measurements may vary slightly from product to product. 

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