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Havana Leather Fetlock Boots

Havana Leather Fetlock Boots

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About this product

The Grewal Equestrian Havana Leather Fetlock Boots provide excellent protection for your horse's hind legs while jumping and moving at all gaits. They prevent injury from one hind leg striking or interfering with the other hind fetlock or ankle.
These horse boots are made of the finest quality leather combined with soft, dense foam to provide superb impact protection. The long lasting brass buckles add a touch of distinction. Simply hose off the removable foam lining to clean.
Often worn by show jumpers and hunters in the equitation classes for leg protection and the elegant look of leather.
* Protects hind fetlocks from injury
* Flexible lining is removable; hose off to clean
* Brass buckles are attractive and durable
* Made with top quality premium leather and ultra fine stitching
There are matching Havana Leather Open Front Tendon Boots! Each pair comes with a leather dust case so you can store and protect your horses' new boots!  


• Made in India
• Weight: 1 lb (453.6 g)

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