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A Lonely Amen - Wooden Wick Candle - Pure Wax Candle

A Lonely Amen - Wooden Wick Candle - Pure Wax Candle

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A Lonely Amen
Sometimes our walk with God is solitary. It isn't something that your friends can help you with, church can fix for you, and the Bible can specifically answer. Sometimes, when life puts us on our knees, shows us we aren't in charge - our soul screams for something more than this world can give us and we find it at our lowest moment when we are positive our shoulders can't bear the weight anymore. It is in these moments, that we find the broken hallelujahs and a lonely amen. We combined Cedar and Teakwood, toned it down with a splash of Vanilla, and finished this scent with a few drops of Orchid. It is a warm comforting scent that will remind you even when we feel alone, we really aren't.


• Made in United States
• Weight: 8 oz (226.8 g)


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